Social Media Makes Your Brand Vulnerable

Recently, I received my first online social media complaint on a product I was marketing to a Whatsapp group, where the user was telling others to avoid me. It turned out to be a misunderstanding, in which I had made an error in an advert, that implied some serious shadiness, which (hopefully) she understood that it was an honest mistake on my part after explaining myself. I went ahead a apologized for the error within the group. Continue reading “Social Media Makes Your Brand Vulnerable”

Blogging in Kenya

Are you thinking of starting a blog? You are not alone. Many people like you would also like to start a blog. What is your blogging objective? Or rather, what value do you want to add? Who do you want to help? How do you want to help them? Remember it is in solving a problem that you can get an engaging and loyal audience.


Here are some types of blogs to consider from which you could select based on what you plan to achieve; Continue reading “Blogging in Kenya”

Starting an Online Business in Kenya

If you happen to meet 10 people who want to start a business in Kenya today, chances are that half of them will be thinking about starting an online business.

What is an online business? 

An online business is one which all your transactions are done online. From advertising, sales, conversion, payment and even in some cases, service delivery. The best case scenario for some is where you may never have to meet your clients face to face.

Some examples of online businesses include online shops, business coaching, listing websites, review websites, aggregator websites, e-books, online courses, online coaching, mobile apps, SAAS, and blogs. The list is endless and keeps on growing. Continue reading “Starting an Online Business in Kenya”

Points to consider before you design your website

A website is a very public representation of your business or organization. It is, therefore, a very important tool and one of the greatest resources for your prospective audience.

Before you embark on developing your website you need to consider the following points.

  • Your audience.

How old are they? Where are they located? Which language do they speak? What are their biggest concerns? How will you address those issues. Continue reading “Points to consider before you design your website”